Longards: Tall humanoids with a slender build. They have a row of hard spines down their back. They usually stand about 220 to 230 cm and are devoid of facial features. The level of emotion they can put into their speech counters this.

Vethtokki: Winged humanoids. Stand between 180 and 200 cm. Have soft down feathers on their cheek ridges. They have digitigrade feet and three toes. Each digit ends in a short claw.

Shendari: Small winged serpents. Have short tendrils that can expand out from their sides. About 140 to 180 cm long, but only about 40 cm wide. Scaled with leathery wings. Have minimal vocal chords.

Kathoktae: Mobile plant-fungi like organisms. Have a near featureless face and four sharp eyes. They reproduce through spores. Generally stand 180 to 200 cm.

The Somber Heralds: Robed, hooded, lithe, and largely mute. Stand between 160 to 200 cm. Very isolationistic. Very pale skin, cat's eyes, pointed ears, dark stripes under eyes, and a short tail are their other prominent characteristics.

The Song Bringers: Tall and lithe. Speak only in song. Between 180 and 240 cm. Wear resplendent robes, and large headdresses. Universally androgynous. 

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