The Vataki SF is known as the "VtS" or "Vata-tra Strahad" which translates roughly to "Vataki Black Arm". They are privately owned by the leading corporation of the Vataki People (corporation is known as the "Ostrog") and are used as a secret police by the Poppet State. Their weapons are higher grade than those on the market, which has caused some friction between the Vataki and their comaptriots, especially the Lihashtii who believe the Vataki are holding out on them. The VtS is known as being brutal and sometimes even corrupt (even by Vataki standards). They are almost never bribable, however, as the Ostrog have a strong grasp upon the members.

The Baeltakey SF is a large group of elite soldiers from within the Baeltakey military. These individuals act as recon, shock troops, and sappers for the Baeltakey offensives. They do not have a standardised name like their compatriots; instead they are named after the legion they are attached to. Examples include: Legion XI Superior, Legion V Ultra and so on. Soldiers from lesser ranks within the legion may be moved between said legions or raised to their legion's SF, but there is no movement once within an SF.

The Dathaan have no SF.

The Lihashtii Kothinar Nit'Haaran (or LKN, which translates to "Lihashtii Supreme Guardians") are the Lihashtii SF that work alongside the other Council members, whilst the Kothinaa Baashendun (or KB, alternatively LKB, translates to "Guardians of the People") are the domestic SF who police the Lihashtii homeworlds. 

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