Pruvion: One of the only purely humanoid species. They are more closely related to the Eldinids, however, and thus enjoy heightened senses. Average specimens stand between 170 and 210 cm. They were the third peoples to join the Alliance. Their skin tends towards paler tones, with black or brown hair and amber eyes.

Tulonkae: Giant humanoids with six limbs and chitonous hides. About 200 to 260 cm on average. Quite strong.

Mahasaara: Lanky, dark skinned humanoids who worship the stars. Generally shorter than their allies at 150 to 180 cm.

Vathnoi: Digitigrade plat-people with two eyes and short trichome eyelashes that act akin to sophisticated radar. They have no other hair equivalent. Their trunks are usually brownish and their chest area is made up of a large plate. Tend to be about 160 to 200 cm.

Jegher: Digitigrade humanoids with grey range skin and black hair that they tend to wear in long braids. Androgynous. About 160 to 210 cm in height.

Kashkaa: Winged humanoids who have oblate skulls and beak-like faces. Roughly 180 to 200 cm in height.

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