Murmurs: Minute humanoids (roughly) who seem to be covered in fur. They stand about 90 to 120 cm in height. They often have black or white fur with no obvious themes. Their faces are characterised by their half masks that cover an odd mix of humanoid-lupine features. They follow the Saint as a prophet, because he had brought them technology.

Hierophants: De facto leaders of the League with the Saint's disappearance. They have Ibis heads and bronzen humanoid bodies. About 160 to 190 cm in height and toned musculature (on average).

Flagellants: Feline-headed humanoids with long, barbed tendrils emitting from their shoulder blade-region. They also have the ability to make up to three illusions of themselves that can not be damaged. They are invisible during this state. Their height varies from 140 to 190 cm.

Fanatics/Zealots: Hawk headed humanoids with feathers along their forearms. Their average height varies by sex with males being the tallest at 190 to 220 cm and the females at 170 to 200 cm.

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