Hathos: Arthropods with torso coming up akin to a centaur.

Bahat: Humanoids with orange fur. Short tail, digitigrade.

Osh Qal Hul: Translucent humanoids with iridescent feathers on their shoulders and chests. Derive sustenance from strong emotions born of other sentient entities.

Kishoth: Sentient machines that have many forms. Left behind by a long dead species. Mostly neutral, protecting their creator's homeworlds.

Parallanh: Spherical fungus-plantoids. Collection of smaller entities can form larger colonies. Float on their own interior buoyancy

. Sinhak: Large plant-like entities that look reminiscent of large "Tacca Chatrieri" (AKA Bat Flowers). Two phenotypes, one with pure black colouration and the other with mostly white but purple veins.

Bathhakka: Large, furred humanoids.

Shith-Hal-Ish: Chiton covered "Tauroids". 

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